Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaning

You don’t have to douse your home in chemicals this month for the ultimate spring clean. Here are a few Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaning Hacks that will help your home become squeaky clean without the chemicals:
Ketchup naturally cleans your oven
If a stubborn stain keeps burning in your oven, turn the oven on very low to warm it up. Then, squirt ketchup on the culprit, scrub and let sit for five minutes; it’ll wipe right up! You can also restore discolored copper pots by spreading a thin layer of ketchup on, then rinsing and drying.

Aluminum foil naturally cleans silver
Tarnished silver is no match for this aluminum foil “recipe.” Bring 1 liter of water, 1 tbsp of baking soda and one piece of aluminum foil to a boil. Drop your silverware in the pot for 10 seconds (longer if it’s extra tarnished), then fish it out with tongs. Magic! You can also ball up foil and use it to scrub off caked-on food from pans (not non-stick ones).

Soda naturally cleans your garbage disposal
If your garbage disposal is clogged, pour some room-temperature soda (cola works best) down the drain. Wait for it to stop fizzing, and then rinse with hot water. The phosphoric acid in soda strips off gunk. You can also use cola to clean your car windshield.

Orange peel naturally cleans water spots
Next time you peel an orange, don’t chuck the skin. The peel erases water spots on metal faucets, and dissolves light gunk build-up in sinks. You can also shine up dull wood with the white-membrane side of the peel; the orange’s oils act like a natural polish and leave a nice glow. It also is good for repelling insects.

Toothpaste naturally cleans dirty walls
Dirty walls? Squirt a little non-gel toothpaste on the spots and scrub with a rag or brush, then rinse with water. The paste also acts as a natural deodorant against sour smells, so try scrubbing inside stinky baby bottles with toothpaste and then rinsing thoroughly.

Lemon naturally cleans your fridge
If your fridge needs a pick-me-up, dab a cotton ball or sponge in lemon juice and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours to neutralize odors. More? Marble counters are easily stained, but cutting a lemon in half, dipping the exposed flesh in salt and rubbing vigorously should get rid of the toughest stains. You can also squirt lemon juice anywhere that attracts insects, like door thresholds or windowsills to keep ants away. Washing your floor with the juice of four lemons and 1/2 gallon of water will deter roaches and fleas, which hate the smell.

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