Gender Neutral Nurseries

Is your baby’s gender going to be a surprise? No need to wait to get started on your little one’s nursery when there a plenty of gender neutral options to get the decor ideas going. Here are five ways to style a gender neutral nursery:

Animals: Have fun with various animal prints, decals, posters. No need to stick to just one when a variety of your favorite furry and non-furry friends can set the tone for something fun and sensational.

Pastels: Pastels never get old. Choose all of your favorite pastel shades to spruce up the room. From bedding to walls, the use of light pastel colors is nothing but calming and classic.

Yellow: Take yellow up a couple of knotches with a brighter and bolder shape. Have fun with chevron patterns and bright decor accessories for a sunny interpretation of a nursery.

gender neutral nursery 4

Geometric Black and White: Play with dark shapes and light colors in this fun art deco take on a baby space.

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