Habits for An Uncluttered Home

Staying clutter-free is hard to do. Alas, it’s important to takes some time to decompress your home and declutter as much as possible since things tend to pile up without us even noticing. Here are 4 major habits to adapt now to make the cleaning part a little bit easier every time.  

Set up an “Outbox” – It’s easy to get rid of the things that you have no use for, but it’s the maybe pile that can get really tricky (and time consuming). An Outbox is a place to put those things you’re not quite ready to let go of. You leave the items there for a period of time, say a week, and then come back and make a decision on whether to keep or get rid of it. Revist it it at the end of each week to know when to let go of it or not.

Everything in it’s place – If you make one change this year, make your entryway function for you. Put a bowl or tray near the front door and hang hooks or a coat rack to store your purse and coat on when you walk in the door.

Add storage where the clutter is – If your dining table or kitchen island constantly gather things that have no place to live, you may need more storage. Everything you own or use should have a permanent place where it belongs, and if your dining table is a dumping ground then your dining room storage system isn’t working. Consider adding more storage or shelving, like a console or bookcase, into the space.

Lose clutter, not style – It’s true, a neutral color palette and clear surfaces will help achieve a minimal, decluttered look – but that doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the decor that gives your home its personality! It’s still important that you find ways to express yourself through your decor, you just might want to avoid doing that through small decorations that can clutter your surfaces. Keep bold fixtures and stunning painting around for that extra boost of personality amongst the neutrals.

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