9 Essentials That Will Make Adulting Way Easier

t ain’t easy, but we all have do it. Sooner or later we’ve gotta grow up, earn some cash, save for retirement and basically just learn to care for ourselves. To help you kill it, trophy-style, in the adulting department, we’ve got a few grown up essentials that will have you hosting dinner parties and crafting professional portfolios in no time.

1. Earmark Word Talk Pencils : Whether you’re jotting down a to-do list or crushing work at the office, these playful pencils that come in a mixed set of six are exactly what any true blue adult needs.

2. Trendy Sparrow Girl, You Better Work Notepad : Work, work, work, work, work, girl! When you’re adulting, there’s a lot of stuff to do and a ton to stay on top of — stay ahead of it all with this hilarious notepad.

3. Acme Party Box Co. Gold Cocktail Shaker : Host fancy dinner parties for your friends, complete with delicious cocktails that you pour out of glorious golden shakers like this one.

4. Jamie Meares’ Color and Pattern For Interior Design Online Class : Now that you’re a full-blown grown-up, you’re probably (at least sort of) settled in one place — and that means it’s time to decorate! This class is the key you need to unlock all of your interior design potential.

5. Design Sponge Cheese Board Kit : Hand-engraved cheese boards are definitely something you won’t find in a dorm room or frat house, which means they absolutely belong in your adult-worthy life.

6. Found by B+C Stick-Up Weekly Calendar : Between work, pets, kids, friends and more, it’s easy to miss something important if you don’t keep track of it all like a pro. This sticky calendar will make it impossible to forget.

7. Allison House’s HTML and CSS Coding Online Class : Making your own website practically screams adult, especially if you’re in any sort of field that requires an online portfolio. Make it yourself and feel like the boss that you are when it’s complete.

8. Brit + Co Agate Slice Coasters Kit : Coasters are the universal symbol of adulthood, and these agate ones are practically a universal symbol of stylish taste. #killingit

9. Roxy Taghavian’s Sewing Online Class : No need to toss things just because there’s a little hole in them, or pass on jeans that are a little too long — patch and hem your way to custom clothes with this online sewing class!

What are your tips and strategies for playing grown-up? Let us know on Twitter @LuxApp https://twitter.com/LuxApp


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