Nail Industrial Chic


If you asked us to pinpoint one interior design style we love above all else, we simply couldn’t do it. Why? Well, one minute we’re obsessing over a shabby-chic country kitchen, and the next we’re swooning for a midcentury-inspired living room. But right now, right now we’re obsessed with the combination of several elements in  industrial elements with rustic touches.  Intrigued? We thought you would be. Introducing Industrial Chic. The perfect balance of girly-girl and masculine macho man style.

Shabby Chic Dining Space

Metal statement lighting amongst any decor makes for a hard metal counterbalance for a soft shabby chic space. Giving it a more defined over all appearance to a dining space.

Industrial Kitchen

Copper accents. Lots of them. This visual addition adds a little shine and industrial flair thanks to it’s eye-catching, bright, and smooth texture.

Steampunk Living Room

Copper accents and iron lighting combine to make for the ultimate steal Sequa addition to a predominantly delicate space.

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