How to be Happier At Home

Home should be a happy place. But you can make it the happiest place on earth with these fun and easy tips:

Be thoughtful about color – Color has been proven to affect your heart rate and blood pressure, so add to that the cultural associations we hold for different colors and you have a very strong tool for setting the mood of your home.

Skip overhead lighting – If you work in an office, then you probably know by now that overhead lights are not the best for your mood. Opt for a mix of lamps instead.

Upgrade your loungewear – Nothing beats that Mr. Rogers moment when you come home and switch from workwear to loungewear. But if your loungewear is a mix of old, unloved t-shirts and sweats then you’re missing out! Try upgrading to a matching set of pajamas for an instant mood booster that you’ll be excited to come home to every day.

Declutter – Clutter can really bring you down. Whether you have items in your home that are broken, worn out, or carry bad memories, we could all benefit from getting rid of a few things. Once you’ve done that, find effective and beautiful ways to store what makes you happy, like bookshelves or pretty woven baskets.

Grow something – You may be surprised by the amount of joy you can get from raising a plant like it’s your own. Not only do you feel a sense of achievement when you see it every day, but they also work to purify the air in your home!

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