Home Decor Tweaks to Make You Happier

Home is where the happy is. Like the scent of our favorite candle can be an instant stress relief after a long day, simple aspects of your home definitely impact your mood. Studies suggest that everything from the color of the walls to the amount of natural light flooding through your windows has the power to profoundly change how you feel, and just a few subtle tweaks could lift your spirits. Read on for science-backed home décor changes that will make you happier.

Add some color.

The psychology of color has fascinated scientists for years, and for good reason. According to one Dutch study, participants believe yellow evokes feelings of happiness, while researchers at the University of British Columbia found that blue induces relaxation and creativity. You don’t need to repaint your walls to reap the benefits. Start small with a blue or yellow throw or accent chair.

Build a book collection.

There’s something instantly calming about curling up on the sofa with a good book. Science agrees: Experts believe that reading fiction encourages empathy, aids in stress relief, and even helps you sleep. In fact, a UK study found that 76% of participants felt that regular reading boosted their happiness. Even if you’re not a bookworm bolster your shelves and coffee table with books that are visually appealing.

Style a photo wall.

The secret to creating a happy home environment could be as simple as printing out your favorite holiday snaps. According to researchers at the University of Exeter in England, images of friends and family have the ability to lower stress levels. Gather your favorite photographs of friends and family, and print them out. Create a photo wall with matching minimalist frames to feel instantly uplifted every time you walk past.

Buy scented stuff.

Fragrance has the ability to change your mood, so fill your home with the right scented accents. Try these two soothing smells: A Kyoto study found that pine scents can significantly reduce feelings of anxiety while citrus boosts energy and alertness

Change the drapes.

Improve your happiness with this one simple home décor tweak. A study by Northwestern University in Chicago found a strong link between natural sunlight exposure and improved sleep, mood, and even quality of life. Swap thick, heavy drapes for linen curtains, or simply open the window and fill your home with natural light to feel the mood-boosting effects.

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