Let’s Fall in Love With Scandinavian Style

Steal some decor tips from the Scandinavians. Their style timeless, clean, functional, and simple. Here are some DIY hacks to create the same style for less:

DIY Coffee Table:

  • Add some custom hairpin legs to your coffee table.
  • Simply purchase tilted hairpin legs that are around 16 inches high.
  • Secure them in place with screws that are 1.5 inches from the table edges.

Complement with Copper Accents:

  • Stencil copper designs onto mugs, glasses, vases, and candles using copper paint.
  • Add deer antlers, leaves, or geometric patterns in copper to add to the Scandinavian feel.
  • Spray paint a tin can in copper to use as an organizer or plant container.
  • Use copper tape around glass surfaces like mirrors or candle holders.

Functional Wood Pieces:

  • Use sturdy branches with a hook shape to hang your jackets. Be sure to remove the bark and sand it down. Feel free to paint it white to complement any white walls.
  • Try to find a fairly straight branch to use as a hanging rack. Be sure to cut the edges straight.

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