9 Mantras from Succesful Women

The simple act of chanting a meaningful word, persuasive phrase, or moving prose can empower your confidence and boost your internal morale meter into motivation mode. This simple happiness hack is the secret to success for many of our inspiring influencers and leading women. Read on for some of kickass mantras from our favorite leading ladies.

Victoria Beckham

“I know what I want.” In an interview with Elle, Beckham repeated (aloud) this mantra to herself every two minutes and 52 seconds, a total of seven times during the 20 minutes.

Indra Nooyi

PepsiCo Chairperson and Chief Executive Indra Nooyi is a formidable force in the industry. In an interview with Fast Company, the mother of two said it all comes down to passion: What you do has “gotta be your calling.” She adds, “You’ve just gotta love what you’re doing, and you’ve gotta believe in what you’re doing, and you’ve gotta say to yourself, when I feel like I’ve done enough with this company, I want to leave feeling great about my contributions and the legacy I’m leaving behind.”

Reese Witherspoon

It’s clear the busy mother-of-three likes to live by her father’s motto: “‘You gotta make hay while the sun shines.’ My dad said that a lot,” she told Working Mother. But good work ethics aside, Witherspoon is also a pro at positive self-talk too, ditching the worry for good enough. “All those things that you’re worried about aren’t important,” she told The New York Times. “You’re going to be okay. Better than okay. You’re going to be great. Spend less time tearing yourself apart, worrying if you’re good enough. You are good enough. And you’re going to meet amazing people in your life who will help you and love you.”

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