Daily Habits to Make You Smarter

Get in the business of bettering yourself. Knowledge is power and power makes you better. Here are 7 tips to help you challenge yourself daily.

Come Up With 10 Ideas Every Day

This can be anything—how to solve a problem at work, ideas for a documentary or a new app idea. Exercising those ideation muscles is good work.

Play Devil’s Advocate

Don’t believe everything you here. Analyze and question. It’s fun and it makes your  thought process stronger.

Share What You Learn With Other People

Sharing, explaining, and/or debating ideas helps you understand and process them more deeply and fully.

Follow Your Questions

Pursue the answers  until you know everything you want to know.

Hang Out With People Smarter Than You

Everyone has something to teach you, so be a sponge. Ask questions. Be humble. Be interested.

Do Something Scary

Doing something extraordinary, new, and even a little frightening lights up new areas of your brain.

Set Aside Time to Do Nothing at All

Save your energy for things that matter most. And relax when you need to or can. Sometimes, your mind craves that stillness to drift and discover new ideas.

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