Turn a Small Bedroom into Your Dream Dressing Room

Make everyone jealous by turning your extra spare room into a dressing room or office.To start out, you need to clear the room out and clean it up.

Next, pick the light fixtures you want to feature. You will need a ceiling fixture, as well as some task lighting such as tiny lights for your mirrors.

Then you have to pick a mirror that is big enough for a full-body view and looks good. Go with one that fits your personality and style.

The hardest part is deciding how to store the things you want in your dressing room.

Some options include a large closet or wall unit with compartments for certain items, or you can keep them separately in different storage options.

You can also create an open storage system using hanging rods and shelves. Afterwards, add the finishing touches to make it feel cozy.

You can use rugs or carpets to create some texture and pattern. Feel free to add whatever furniture or accessories to make it feel like a relaxing haven.

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  1. nayardt says:

    Lovely tips and ideas!


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