Just Breathe. Simple Tips For a Light and Airy Bedroom

Your bedroom is your haven. You spend a good majority of your time in it, so it should be a calm and soothing place for you to wind down and relax. Here are some tips to help you achieve that light and whimsical feel:

Bright Walls

  • You can never go wrong with white walls. White is classic, simple, and ethereal; it complements any natural lighting from outside.
  • Other colors that work well are subdued neutral tones like cool blues and mint greens.
  • These are paired best with white woodwork to bring balance.

A Dash of Color

  • To bring dimension to your room, add a whimsical color to capture the eye and light up the room. Blue is great because it has a cool, soothing effect.
  • The color should appear as an accent in items like a lamp or tray.

Natural Light

  • Natural light is the top factor in providing that light, airy feel. Try to maximize natural light and minimize the amount of thick window decor.
  • Furniture should be light, sleek, and modern, staying away from bulkier pieces.
  • If you like dark furniture, then you can add something that is black and stands out to provide a sharp contrast.

Mirror Magic

  • A mirror will make any room look larger, more open, and brighter. A great place for one is above the headboard. Just be sure to avoid the front of your bed, window, or anywhere else where it may cause glare.

Dramatic Drapery

  • Stunning drapes are the finishing touch. You can add a canopy bed or floor-length drapes. Tie them up and add sheer curtains to create that wispy feel. Cotton, linen, or other lightweight fabrics would add to the dreamy appeal.

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